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Create or submit your CV

In less than two minutes, fill in info about your hospo skills, work history and what makes you tick.

Apply online in seconds

Filter through your jobs and your HH CV can be used to apply for hospo jobs online in seconds.

Create Job Alerts

Easily create job alerts at the click of a button based on the specific information outlined in your requirements: profession, hospo skills and location. Get them emailed straight into your inbox.

Post a job

Establish your job requirements and easily post jobs. Did we mention it is only $45 for a 30-day listing?

Cover Shift

Need to fill a last minute shift? Post a job for $20 and your advertisement will appear at the top of our job board! The advertisement will last for 3 days in premium position for job seekers to see

Sit back and relax

Sit back and wait for CV's that match your requirements to stream into your inbox.

Manage your jobs

Shortlist the best of the bunch and manage your applications effortlessly through your dashboard.

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